Ukraine has a great formula to defeat England Euro2020

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England-Ukraine Euro2020 , Zinchenko says Ukraine has a great formula to defeat England in Euro 2020 quarter-finals.

Oh Electric Sander Xin Shevchenko full-back Central LA from Manchester City has confirmed that the same trick to help the national team of Ukraine their chance to turn a winning team England in the battle of Euro 2020. Round 8, the final team is Only the best form in life has to be extracted.

Ukraine has a great formula to defeat England

“This England squad are defensively very strong and so far they haven’t conceded a single goal. This is where we need to focus especially,” the Blues star told ITV.

“however They’re not a perfect team at all. No matter what, every team has its weaknesses. All Ukraine has to do is play their own game as best as possible. Let’s make it the highest peak in everyone’s lives!”

Meanwhile, Andrey Shevchenko, the manager who made history with the current Ukrainian national team. also expressed their views in the same direction as Zinchenko.

“Overall, England is the most balanced team in the tournament, every player, every position, has amazing pace. They play beautiful football both offensively and defensively,” added the Milan legend.