Shevchenko insists England The quarter-finals of Euro 2020

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Shevchenko insists England The quarter-finals of Euro 2020. Andrey Shevchenko , the Ukraine national team manager, has said that his opponents in the quarter-finals of Euro 2020 , England , are so much superior that they do not fear their team at all.

Euro 2020

“This England team is a great team. Their strength is extremely strong, both the original – the reserve. But what impressed me more was Gareth Southgate and the coaching staff. The work done together is very impressive. Despite having to face tough opponents in almost every match,” Shevchenko told ITV.

“I sat and watched their three group matches live. But, unfortunately, the game England won against Germany was not watched because they had to prepare the team to fight before they face Sweden.”

“One of England’s strengths that we see very clearly at this tournament is that. They concede a goal so hard. Because so far, not a single ball has been penetrated by anyone.”

“And combined with our attacking potential and in midfield, England has no need to fear our Ukraine at all.”

“however Being in the underdog team gave me and the players a strange feeling of excitement. Because anything can happen, especially in a knockout cup competition like this.”

“I swear that we will go down and play with all our heart and soul. I give everything I have for the happiness of the fans and everyone who is cheering all over the world right now.”