The Euro 2020 quarter-final game England 4-0 Ukraine

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The Euro 2020 quarter-final game England 4-0 Ukraine. Collecting hot issues after the Euro 2020 quarter-final game, the Roaring Lions show a form that deserves a favorable price.

Competition: Football Euro 2020 round of 8 teams
Match day: Saturday night, July 3, 2021
Match time: 02.00 am Thailand time
Competitors: England 4-0 Ukraine
Stadium: Olympic Stadium


As we all know, in this game, England took the lead early from the 4th minute from the moment that Stirling pierced through for Kane to fire in the direction of the 1-0 lead. This lightning caused England to play more comfortable immediately. Because after that they relax the game. Do not rush to take more doors, let Ukraine, who came to focus on receiving the reluctance to open the invasion game. 

However, the game of the roaring lions today was good enough to fend off Ukraine’s offensive line until. It was unable to penetrate through the first 45 minutes. Including the second half could not pass a full 1 minute. 

He showed a great show from the set-kick ufabet said. That taking a 2-0 lead and followed closely by two more goals from the ball in the air. When the lead was 4 goals, Ukraine almost gave up, while England played comfortably in possession of the ball, just waiting only a long whistle.