Toni Kroos officially retires from the German national team

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Toni Kroos officially retires from the German national team. Germany midfielder Toni Kroos, 31, has written an official farewell letter after his side were knocked out of the European Championships ( Euro 2020 ) a few days ago.

Madrid made their final appearance for Partisan Dimanshaft in their 2-0 defeat against England at Wembley, ending 11 years of national service with a record of 106 appearances. 17 goals and honours, 2014 World Cup winners

An open letter from Toni Kroos, Germany national team: “I played 106 times for Germany, there will be no next time. I had hoped to stop it at 109 matches with another major win The European Football Championship. I have given everything in hopes of making it happen.”

Toni Kroos says “I had decided before that this tournament would be the last. I’ve been realizing for a while that I can’t push myself to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, mainly. Because I want to stay focused on my goals for Real Madrid over the next few years. I would also like to have a break that I haven’t had for many years with the Germany national team, among other things. I would like to spend time with my wife and three children as husband and father.”

“It is a great honor for me to wear this uniform for a long time. I always act with pride and motivation. Thank you to all the fans and supporters who have encouraged me with applause and cheers. And the criticism that creates additional special incentives. Finally, I would like to thank Yogi Low for making me a player for the Germany national team and the World Cup winner. He gave me faith and we wrote a long-standing success together.”