France, from ego fracture to collapse at Euro 2020 – FEATURE

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France, from ego fracture to collapse at Euro 2020 – FEATURE. With the prestige of being a team that won the 2018 World Cup, it was implicitly regarded as one of the favorites for Euro 2020 . But the French “Chicken Badge” army didn’t go as far back as many people had expected. Because only the stop for the round of 16 teams only by failing Switzerland During the penalty shootout. The decision was reversed. After the draw in extra time, complete 120 minutes 3-3, despite the fact that the shooter overtook the team to turn up to 3-1 up.

Although most of the players come from a set that helps each other overcome obstacles. Until being able to win the 2018 World Cup 3 years ago successfully But it seems that the modern “Chicken Badge” army is not as harmonious as before. And there may be problems in the matter of “spirit” or solidarity at all. Which is expected to come from “fractures” in the pre-Euro 2020 battle.

In the aftermath of the warm-up game in the 3-0 win over Bulgaria. Veteran striker Olivier Giroud gave an interview to the media in a way. That some of his teammates would rarely pass the ball to him. At all even though he didn’t specify who he was. But the media has focused on the city of Cologne , kylian mbappe striker is a major yet. It looks like the 22-year-old striker is in heat as well. Because he has been criticized by the media for keeping the soccer ball to himself too much. Therefore, he gave an interview with dissatisfaction in criticizing senior players that they should not say such things in the media as well.