Nutritional Benefits of Lemons.

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Lemons one of the citrus fruits close to the body. In addition to being used in cooking to add sour taste. The fruit, peel, water and oil of lemons have also been used for a variety of remedies. Such as alleviating nausea, treating acne, preventing kidney stones, colds and more. How reliable are the said benefits of lemon? And what does current scientific research looking at the therapeutic efficacy of lemon suggest?

Iron deficiency.

 Treatment of patients whose body absorbs iron poorly and develops iron deficiency. Your doctor may recommend iron supplements along with vitamin C. This will increase the body’s absorption of iron. It’s thought that eating foods rich in vitamin C. Such as orange or lemon juice, might help prevent or treat iron deficiency. As a result, the body absorbs iron from various foods that are eaten well UFABET

However, from the results of scientific studies In one study, 18 iron-deficient women took lemon juice containing 25 mg of vitamin C twice daily, six days a week, for eight months, and the other took a placebo. Results showed that taking lemon juice did not improve iron levels in women with the condition.

Cure Nausea.

A sliced ​​lemon, sprinkled with a pinch of salt and squeezed lemon juice into the mouth is one of the popular nausea relief remedies. But whether it really works or not, there are no studies on this aspect of lemon’s properties. However, this method is a simple method that can be tried and is unlikely to be dangerous if it is a general nausea that is not serious But if the experiment still doesn’t heal or there are abnormal symptoms, it’s best to see a doctor to check the symptoms. The same goes for many other diseases.