Neymar suffered a torn knee ligament in an international game.

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Neymar injury was confirmed to be damage to a torn knee ligament. Including the knee joint disc that is affected as well. The 31-year-old striker was injured in the South American World Cup qualifying football game. Which Samba lost 0-2 to Uruguay on Wednesday morning. (Thailand time)

Recently, Al Hilal come out to confirm the condition that. Resulted in Neymar’s left knee ligament being torn and requiring surgery to repair. UFABET There are also problems that affect the knee joint discs.

In addition, the Brazilian Football Federation has come out to confirm the same information. Neymar is waiting to undergo surgery but at this time a specific date has not been set. However, the player is under the care of doctor Rodrigo Lasmar. 

This is the latest injury problem affecting Neymar last season. The 31-year-old forward had a problem with ankle ligaments and miss the field for PSG from February 19, 2023. 

For this injury, he still has to wait for surgery and evaluation after that. But the knee ligament problem will cause Neymar to rest for at least 6 months at least.

Neymar missed two World Cup games in Qatar. After being injured in the opening match against Serbia, Neymar

was also hospitalized for several months during the past two seasons with Paris due to an ankle injury. And his final season, in France, concluded in February. After undergoing ankle surgery