Liverpool defeated 10 men Atletico Madrid 2-0 at home

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Liverpool defeated 10 men Atletico Madrid 2-0 at home in the Champions League as the Reds progressed to the round of 16.

The game at Anfield, 14 minutes passed, the Reds got the first from the rhythm of the game on the right Trent Alexander-Arnold. Cross into the middle of the ball bounced to Diogo Jota, heading straight, not missing 1-0.

Liverpool’s offensive line is much more aggressive in the 21st minute, leading 2-0 away from Trent Alexander-Arnold. Filled high again, this time, semi-firing, semi-passing into the penalty area, Sadio Mane inserted a shot to change the doorway.

Atletico is bad because with 10 men left in the 36th minute, Felipe goes to foul Sadio Mane, who is about to come off alone. He was immediately sent off by a red card from the field.

The hosts attacked and had a chance to get a third from Jota, who hit the saves, Jan Oblak, as well as Mohamed Salah, who failed to pass the defense of the away goal.

The second half, 48 minutes, the Reds sent the ball into the goal again from the work of Diogo Jota, but after checking the VAR, the referee returned to the goal because it was offside.

Atletico Madrid missed the chance to shatter the egg when Jose Chimenez hit back for Luis Suarez to deflect through the net. But not because they have already advanced.

At the end of the game, Liverpool defeated Atletico Madrid with the remaining 10 people 2-0 to qualify for the round of 16 for sure, while Atletico has 4 points to win in the last two matches. According to reports by ufabet