Henderson opened up about his goal in England

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Henderson opened up about his goal in England. Jordan Henderson , captain of Liverpool told an open mind after scoring for the national team , England collapsed national team of Ukraine with the score 4-0 in the Cup Euro 2020 Round 8 teams last night.

“I dare to say that It’s been a really great time for England now. And hopefully we can really succeed with the opportunity that arises,” Hendo told the BBC.

“Before being sent to the field I secretly had the feeling that I could definitely do something for the team and eventually got a name on the scoreboard as a real goalscorer.”

“But to be honest, it doesn’t really matter much. Because I admire my teammates who showed their amazing form until they managed to win a beautiful victory like this separately. And it will give the team good momentum to continue until the semi-finals.”

“Personally, I’m not serious about being the first – the reserve. because the only thing I thought was Must throttle the form of play to come out the best for the victory of the team. Goals and assists are almost nonexistent in my head.”

“Since my position is a central midfielder, And there are many other offensive players to shoot or assist instead. Therefore, I would like to concentrate more on my main role. because I know it’s what the team needs.”

“I admit that I really want to score more goals as well. But the interests of the team always come first.”