Hart compliments John

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Hart compliments John’s. The goalkeeper Joe Hart plays as a cheerleader without a tip. Presenting young Nile John to the newly hired head coach Nuno Espirito Santo to pay special attention to because the 18-year-old is really cool.

John plays offensive center position was with Spurs at the age of 13 years to climb in order to set up the U -23 by just a preseason game, always Leyton Orient into the first 11. 

Plus seeing the pace in the market during pre-season retention makes Hart want to be a pushover. 

“I’ve said before that you can look at two different outcomes (1-1 draws). First, you might be disappointed with yourself and say – we’re going to fill the gap when other key players. come back – or look at it in two ways, Ledkey King said, was an opportunity to make a name for himself,” he told Spurs TV.