England’s team breaks Germany’s Euro 2020 game

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England’s team, breaks the ball in Germany’s Euro 2020 game. Gareth SouthGate interviewed praised his team in the game as England beat Germany 2-0 campaign UEFA European Championship ( Euro 2020 ), goals from Raheem Sterling and Harry Kane in the second half to take. The England army broke the wings of the iron eagle to advance to the quarter-finals. became the last game of Joachim Love with the partisan Dimanshaft when referred to renounce the chair after the end of the tournament. Since before Euro 2020 will highlight.

“the best players from playing as a team. The supporters backed them in every tackle, every time we squeezed the ground and in every stroke. The energy on the pitch is amazing,” Southgate said in an interview after the game.

“So to be able to send them home with that score is special when millions of people have that ambition. happy with it”

“The level of performance of the players is very important. We play against a team that has won four World Cups with their manager having a great record.

We are aware that their performance against the big teams of England is questioned. That at some point in the game momentum may fall on them. We were always very energetic and showed great mentality but what impressed me most was that we played smart.”

“Today’s results were a big result. The players continue to write history with them and we have another chance.”