Benitez has defeated Klopp in the past as Napoli manager

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Benitez has defeated Klopp in the past as Napoli manager. Rafael Benitez’s new manager Pat Brown of Everton to brag a little that ever beat Bayer Jurgen Klopp coach antagonists joined the city of Liverpool has since many years ago.

“Many people may have forgotten that I took the job of Napoli manager years ago. And one of the performances I felt most important was to beat Borussia Dortmund under Jurgen Klopp,” Rafa told Echo.

“Obviously Dortmund back then was the strongest team, they had the top players in the world in almost every position, plus the Gegenpressing philosophy. It has also been said to be almost unrivaled.”

“But I eventually discovered that Klopp’s team at the time had a major weakness in the area behind full-backs. So the solution is to try to drop the ball there and let the speed players catch up.”

“however Their danger of pushing down opponents from the top is still an amazing formula. If you only think of short balls from the goalkeeper to the defender. I will be pressed to the point of panic.”

“So I used the formula to throw the ball fast into the empty space to counteract them. And it really works.”