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Best Chairs for Back Pain

Most of the time, people spend their time sitting especially if they are working in an office. They spend their whole day reading papers and facing the computer. When people think of such a scenario, they may think that those who work at an office work comfortably and conveniently. However, this perception is wrong. Working in an office may be comfortable since commonly, an office is air conditioned and equipped with facilities such as phones, fax machines and computers. But that doesn’t mean that working in an office does not lead to complaints from people. The most common complaint from people working in an office is that their back hurts . Sitting in front of the computer or at your desk for long hours can really hurt your back. And because you cant possibly stand the whole time to avoid hurting your back, there is one thing that you can do to somehow minimize the back pain get chairs for back pain.

Do you ever wonder why sitting hurts?

Sitting whole day is the worst thing you can do for your back. When you sit down, you put thrice the stress you do than when you are standing, on your back. More so when you slouch and sit. This is because when you hunch forward, you are actually pushing your back to form a convex. When you slouch, you cause your ligaments to stress and experience fatigue. To make matters even worse, people when engrossed with their work do not even want to stand up or walk to even attend to their personal needs such as nature calls. This happens most of the time as people are busy and do not care whether their bodies are overly used. This is the very reason why our back hurts even if we sit and do nothing the entire day.

What you really need when you want to prevent yourself from experiencing back pain due to long hours of sitting is have yourself ergonomical chairs for back pain. The main purpose of these chairs is to allow your body to adjust and get used to having a good posture even when you sit for a long time. When you have a good posture, you will be less likely to experience back pain. However, ergonomic chairs arent all the same. They differ from chair to chair their length, width and the backrest should be perfect for you. So before you purchase a chair, you have to make sure that the chair best suits you with regards to your body width and body frame.

There are some things that you need to consider when you really want the perfect chair for your back pain.

* The backrest Make sure that the chair has lumbar support. This will help you support the base of your spine and align it with the rest of your body too. The standard measurement for your backrest should be 12 inches tall. The backrest should be adjustable, supportive and padded. This is to make sure that your head will have a good rest when you use your chairs.


* The seat The seat of your chair should be at least 17 inches in width and 16 inches away from the ground. This is the perfect length for your chair set. This will give you sufficient space for you to be able to lean against the backrest of your chair.

Once you have met the mentioned standard for your perfect chair, make sure that you have set up the chair perfectly. An ergonomic chair will not be of use to you when it is not set up properly. When you have it assembled, make sure that everything is adjusted correctly in the right place. Make sure that your foot always touches the ground to be precise, make sure that your feet lies flat on the ground. Your thighs on the chair should be horizontal to the floor.

Apart from all that, you should see if the chair has an armrest and padding. This will make your sitting experience more enjoyable and will not hurt your back. Make sure too that the materials used to make the chair are quality materials. This will ensure that your chair is secure and and that it only gives two things to you comfort and convenience. Make sure that you have everything checked when you purchase your chair. Remember, you are buying it to make yourself comfortable and free yourself from back pain, So, it is good to make sure that it will really meet your standards and needs as well.

Chairs for back pain, however, are not an assurance that you will get yourself a perfect posture. Ergonomic chairs are not perfect and they cannot guarantee you perfect and flawless results. No matter how comfortable your chair is, you will still experience some back pain when you don’t stand up and remain sitting for hours. You have to stand up once in a while preferably every 20 minutes or so. Your back was not created for constant sitting and so you not sit all day. Stand up, take a short walk and stretch out your back muscles. This will definitely get your circulation back to normal and will not promote back pain.

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